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Dr. Fish's style is eclectic in that he draws from different therapeutic approaches based on therapeutic efficacy and what is best suited for the problem being treated.  The therapeutic hour is typically 60 minutes, although sessions sometimes go over the time allotted if there is a crisis to resolve.  Dr. Fish will personally return all calls the same day and usually within a couple of hours.  Although Dr. Fish is not a psychiatrist, he does not have a biased for or against medications when appropriate for the best possible treatment outcome.  He will consequently referred to one of several trusted psychiatrists should medications be recommended and the patient is in agreement.  

Many insurance policies are accepted and the patient is only responsible for copayments.  The office accepts assignments.  Dr. Fish has appreciation that in these economic difficult times, that most patients cannot afford to pay full fees and he extends this courtesy to his patients in appreciation that they do not need additional stressors in their lives trying to pay high treatment costs.  However, psychological testing is often not covered and, periodically, may have to paid out of pocket.  All forensic assessments will not be filed through insurance as they are not for therapy and are charged to the representing attorney or referring insurance company. 

Cancellations need to be made 24 hours in advance unless there is a certifiable emergency or unavoidable change in plans.  Should those conditions not be met, the patient is responsible for full payment of the missed session.

Your Neighborhood Psychologist

With 30 years experience           

Educational Background

Dr. Fish was born and educated in Montreal, Canada where he completed his pre-college education.  He began his Bachelor of Arts degree at Tel-Aviv University in Israel where he major in psychology.  Before completing his degree, he transferred to McGill University in Montreal, Canada where he completed his Bachelors of Arts degree in the honors program with a major in abnormal psychology.  Dr. Fish then completed a year at East Texas State University (now Texas A&M University) and three more years at North Texas State University (now North Texas University).  Dr. Fish completed a year of internship at the Medical University of South Carolina Consortium.  He spent a year as the Clinical Director at a shelter for abused adolescent girls before spending six years at the Children's Psychiatric Center in Miami during which time he was was awarded his Ph.D. from East Texas State University.  A year later, he was licensed as a psychologist in the state of Florida.  

Dr. Fish joined a group practice specializing in the treatment of ADHD and other children and adolescent problems while also seeing adults for therapy and evaluation.  He worked as a consultant for therapy and assessment at several private psychiatric hospitals over the next several years in addition to working in private practice.  He was part of a task force for the Broward School Board in developing methods for identifying ADHD students among the student body.  For three years, he was a lecturer at the Nova Southeastern Osteopathic School of Medicine teaching childhood psychopathology in the course of psychiatry. 

Since 1993, Dr. Fish has moved to his own solo practice and continues his treatment of children, adolescents and adults.  His practice has become diversified in that he sees many couples for relationship issues, marital therapy, family therapy, and evaluations.  His evaluations include assessments for ADHD, learning disabilities, gifted testing, Fitness for Duty evaluations, and forensic evaluations for disability, and civil suits.   

After being involved in a couple of group practices, Dr. Fish decided to maintain a solo practice that reflects the philosophy of individual attention to patients.  Dr. Fish does all of the testing, therapy and personally returns all phone calls.